Reflect JOY Ministries is a resource to help you find the JOY God intended for you. It’s about learning to live a joyful life in the midst of the chaos and mess that everyday experiences bring. Here, we work honestly and with transparency, by taking familiar life moments and capturing them through graphic devotions, blogs and conversation. As we navigate through those experiences, we identify relevant scripture to be our guide. You were created for JOY and you owe it to yourself and Jesus, to settle for nothing less.

Here you can expect to share common experiences and identify scripture that is relevant, so we can learn and grow together. With scripture as our guide, let’s navigate a life of JOY and Reflect Jesus to the world.

Let’s find Jesus and JOY in the midst of our messy, wonderful, exciting and exhausting lives.


Graphic Devotions

These scripture based graphic messages are inspired by everyday life. Combining the message and relevant scripture is intended to; nourish your spirit, encourage thought & conversation, replenish your soul, remind you of His love and motivate you to Reflect His JOY. Enjoy and share them. Artwork rights reserved. ©

Behind Reflect Joy

“I guess you could say I’m behind Reflect Joy – although it’s truly the coming together of a lifelong journey with mentors, influences, scripture and lots of Jesus. I’d love for you to join me as I navigate this crazy, messy, rewarding life through relevant scripture. “

Carrie Kiekhaefer, Founder – Reflect Joy Ministries


About Reflect Joy

This is a place to help you develop your best, most JOY-filled life. Just as Jesus intended. He loves you and desires for your heart to sing. Reflect Joy makes scripture relevant for your life, to help you navigate through the messy parts of life and come out on the joyful side. Read a blog, scroll through some graphic devotions, order products… or jump in a conversation on social media or in a blog comment. Do what it takes to be inspire to connect your life and His Word, you’re worth it.  You deserve nothing less than the joyful life Jesus created you for. Let’s connect your life, His Word and create a joyful journey.

Devotions & Blogs

Latest Blogs

My real-life, honest reflections on life. Inspired by a graphic devotion and relevant scripture. Join me.

The Search in the Mirror

As much as I like to convince myself that I'm above the eye creams and before bed face regiment, I'm not. You see, despite my best efforts (and reading every ...
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What’s in Front of You Today?

A few years ago I treated myself to a Roomba… you know, one of those robotic vacuums that magically tracks its path and cleans every inch of your floor. Recently, while ...
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Life is Like a Puzzle

I was recently putting together a puzzle, and you should know I'm not really a puzzle person. I believe it was a 500 piece puzzle, although it looked like a ...
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Let’s Find Your Joy

If you’re looking to add some motivation and faith-based inspiration to your world, are struggling with a messy part of life or have a few questions about how to bring joy into your life… let me know.