Reflect Joy: The place where real life meets relevant scripture. Through graphic devotions, blogs, coaching and a store: Reflect Joy is a ministry resource to grow your relationship with Christ, Reflect His JOY to the world and bring others to know Him.

About Reflect Joy

Reflect JOY Ministries is combination resource that I’ve developed {with the support, education and guidance of others} to help you find the JOY God intended for you. It’s about learning to live a joyful life in the midst of the chaos and mess that everyday experiences bring. Here, we work honestly and with transparency, by taking familiar life moments and capturing them through graphic devotions, blogs and life coaching. As we navigate through those experiences, we identify relevant scripture to be our guide. You were created for JOY and you owe it to yourself and Jesus, to settle for nothing less.

Curious about the name, Reflect Joy? Here’s where it came from, the word reflect represents what we are called to do as disciples – share His message to the world or reflect it. As for the emphasis on the word JOY – it’s a personal acronym that serves as an accountability piece to help me remember three daily actions: choosing Jesus, serving Others and loving Yourself; I know the bible repeatedly speaks to the importance of these three ingredients. The acronym JOY helps us stay focused and serves as a reminder.

Every product and service Reflect Joy produces are interpretive messages based on relevant scripture. It is a Bible verse that grounds us and reacquaints us with His Word. There’s strength and authority in solving problems, discussing challenges and facing each day when we are grounded in scripture that is relevant to our lives.

I invite you to sign-up or follow my graphic devotions and blogs. They are ways to return to His Word and find daily relevance in scripture. These are resources I hope we share, together. Leave a comment, let’s connect and talk, let’s make scripture relevant in all that we do.

You’ll notice this is consistent throughout everything that’s done here. I’m glad you stopped by. #relevantscripture #reflectjoy


About Me

I guess you could say I’m behind Reflect Joy – although it’s truly the coming together of a lifelong journey with mentors, influences, scripture and lots of Jesus. I am passionate about using scripture to help navigate life and inspire our relationship with Jesus. When we understand scripture, it becomes relevant to our lives. Reflect Joy is built upon a focus on Jesus and His word. As we live His word, we find the JOY God intended for us.

As for “getting to know me better” – people tend to say I’m a natural encourager. I’ve also been told I’m authentic and real – so expect that here. Much like you, I have many life-roles… some which I knock out of the park and others which I desperately need work.

My credentials:

  • Carrie Kiekhaefer: Child of God, Speaker/Motivator, Coach, Designer
  • Education: BA Theology & Religious Studies, BS Marketing & Graphic Design
  • Certification: Life Coach, NLP Practioner

My devotions and blogs will deliver messages from the perspective of a wife, a mom, an advocate, a sinner, a friend, a struggling Christian, a sister, a graphic designer, a daughter, a dog-lover… and many more. But each message will have a specific goal in mind, to carry a message that inspires you to find your  JOY and live it. I look forward to our conversations, here’s to Him.

My coaching will be intentional and action-based. I’m committed and determined to help you find the joy Jesus intended for your life. I dont want you to settle for less… and you shouldn’t either.

The store is the coming together of my graphic design skills and the Reflect Joy mission. Browse for a bit, maybe you’ll find something that inspires you.

This initiative had been on my heart for quite some time. He clearly shaped the vision where Reflecting His JOY could bring people to know Jesus. With the encouragement of a handful of loved ones, I grew more confident in the gifts He had given me. And so the vision continued to shape itself into the products and services you see here. It’s been a work in progress (and still is), but the combination of skills, faith, education and life experience has shaped Reflect JOY into an organized ministry.

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