Life is Like a Puzzle

I was recently putting together a puzzle, and you should know I’m not really a puzzle person. I believe it was a 500 piece puzzle, although it looked like a million, as the oddly shaped pieces sat scattered on the table. The picture on the cover of the box was a colorful sunset over the ocean. A pristine image which I was eager to complete. Now, per my grandmother’s example, I know the process works best when I put together the outside edges first. So I began…

"Wait on the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait on the Lord." Psalm 27:14

I started by sorting the edge pieces and the inside pieces into separate piles. But in my eagerness to see the orange-pink horizon complete, I would find a few center pieces and become fixated on building those further. {And in fairness I should disclose that I’ll take advantage of any pre-joined pieces and take credit for those. You’ll want to keep that in mind should we ever do a puzzle together.} I would attempt to find pieces that further expanded the colorful center cluster. I’d then try to compare those to the picture on the box, shifting that group of 3 or 4 interlocking pieces around to establish where they belonged.

It became a hopeless task. Until I had the outside edges complete, I had no framework to reference for placement. Independently the pieces had no real purpose until they were secured into place with the use of the completed edges. This framework would not only keep them in their correct position, it would prepare them for more pieces to come together – creating a beautiful and complete picture.

So it was back to the pile of edge pieces. And once I had the edge of the puzzle complete, the colorful picture swiftly came together.

I think my faith journey is often like this. Maybe you can relate. We are called to work on building our faith foundation… a framework. God wants us to know His Word, to know His Son and to establish the most sound and complete framework possible to build from. Along the way He fills our lives with many independent pieces, which from His view fit beautifully and naturally into the picture. But if we haven’t built (and don’t maintain) that framework of faith – those life pieces can’t interlock with our life in Christ. Without that faith in Jesus properly built, life often seems scattered and makes little sense. It’s when the pieces of our lives secure themselves to an established foundation in Christ, their purpose becomes evident. And the completed picture is pristine.

Relevant Scripture: “Wait on the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

Heavenly Father, help me to build all pieces of my life off of my faith foundation. When I get fixated on “inside pieces” – bring be back to the “edges” and show me how they fit together with my faith in You to create the most beautiful picture possible. Amen.

Author: Carrie Kiekhaefer

I'm Carrie Kiekhaefer and I'm passionate about finding and reflecting JOY in this life. Unfortunately, I know a lot can get in the way of that JOY. Life is messy and complicated. I'm here as a messy child of God, a natural encourager, a blogger, a coach and a designer to help you navigate through the mess. With relevant scripture, a relationship with Jesus and some honest blogs we can find, let's discover and reflect His Joy - together.

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