Let’s Work Together

What obstacles are getting in the way of your joy? Let’s work together to overcome those challenges. When you work with me, you are working with a certified Life Coach and an enthusiastic, flawed and honest leader. It is my joy and pleasure to coach individuals, families, spouses or children on life challenges. Together, with faith and connectedness through Jesus, we will focus on principles that promote a life of intentional joy and life balance.


My focus and passion is in educating and problem-solving so that the individuals I guide can better understand their own joy, faith and relationship with God. I demonstrate this by listening, understanding and then presenting down-to-earth, everyday, relatable examples and learning through them. After that, we look at scripture to support life goals. Navigating your life with the support of a coach and a foundation in scripture helps secure the joy God intended.

Clients I work with appreciate the transparency of my own flaws. Life is messy, and really, we’re all just working to walk  each other home. The journey along the way can be so good. But it takes time, support and intent to stay grounded and find joy.

Alone, we get distracted. This is why scheduled coaching and learning is important. Dedicated time that connects real-life situations with His Word helps people may know God in a growing, personal and saving relationship which. This leads to a more joyful life, all around.

“I am passionate about finding JOY in this life and I want you to join me. It’s not always easy, but using scripture to navigate life and inspire our relationship with Jesus can bring a life of JOY. And the more we understand scripture, the more relevant it becomes to our lives. Reflect JOY is built upon a focus on Jesus and His word. As we live His word, we Reflect JOY in this world – and draw others to Him.”

Carrie Kiekhaefer, Founder – Reflect Joy Ministries

Other Reflect Joy Resources

If it’s not the right time for coaching, I encourage you to consider another Reflect Joy resource. Sign-up or follow my graphic devotions and blogs. I encourage you to download and share, or maybe get in the conversation with a comment, you’ll find the support in our joy seeking community. Or maybe a visit to the store will lead your ignite some joy in your soul, there’s lots of joyful options to remind you of the joy Jesus desires for you.

Every product and service Reflect Joy produces are interpretive messages based on relevant scripture. It is a Bible verse that grounds us and reacquaints us with His Word. There’s strength and authority in solving problems, discussing challenges and facing each day when we are grounded in scripture that is relevant to our lives. They are ways to return to His Word and find daily relevance in scripture. These are resources I hope we share, together.