Practicing How to Have Hope

I’ve lost hope before. I think we all have at some point in time. And it sure would be easier if hope was always, naturally “in us.” But this life proves, it’s not. And once you lose hope in what’s to come, the darkness begins to swallow you up. So I’m convinced it’s something worth practicing.

#reflectjoy #relevantscripture 1 John 5:11

Advent calls us to practice hoping, anticipating and expecting what’s to come. Hope in Jesus. Hope in ourselves. This exercise is so healthy for all of us. I’m a woman with chaos in my head and racing thoughts in my day. I’m so easily distracted and get wrapped up in life’s unsatisfying, material focus. I begin to seek fulfillment in how many committees I chair, how many Facebook likes are on a picture and whether I’ve added a follower to my Instagram account. And although those are gratifying in the moment, they leave me empty – hopeless. Can you relate?

The danger is, the less practiced I am with ‘having hope,’ the easier it is for me to abandon it. So I’m calling us to practice it. Practice having hope this advent season. It’s a safe one… we know how it turns out. We start by practicing that emotion, that feeling, that confidence and belief. Our hope that our Savior is coming. Discipline yourself this Advent season to revisit your hope in Jesus. Because that’s the beginning of knowing a hope that’s unfailing. And it can be the foundation of all other hopes and dreams your life will bring you.

Relevant Scripture: “And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.” 1 John 5:11

Lord, as we await the arrival of a King, help us to intentionally think about what that hope feels like. Let that hope be poured into our hearts so it may overflow. May we begin to live a life of hope, built on the assurance of our eternity. Amen.

Author: Carrie Kiekhaefer

I'm Carrie Kiekhaefer and I'm passionate about finding and reflecting JOY in this life. Unfortunately, I know a lot can get in the way of that JOY. Life is messy and complicated. I'm here as a messy child of God, a natural encourager, a blogger, a coach and a designer to help you navigate through the mess. With relevant scripture, a relationship with Jesus and some honest blogs we can find, let's discover and reflect His Joy - together.

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